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Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

As I learn more & more about Destination Weddings & Honeymoons it amazes me that more couples are not doing them. What is a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon some may ask? Its a Wedding & Honeymoon that takes place at a destination, usually in another state or country. Destination Weddings & Honeymoons have consistently grown in popularity. The popularity is not limited to the affluent and their spectacular Parisian and Roman events. The average person is now looking to be married and honeymoon at their dream destinations! Why? Less muss, fuss and expense.

Here are just a few thoughts that come to mind:
1 - You have your wedding & honeymoon in one expense.
2-  Most are less expensive than a hometown wedding alone.
3 - You can really have your dream wedding at your dream destination.
4-  It's less work for the couple. Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist along with the Wedding Planner at the selected destination; do all 
      of the work.
5- You can post it on a Registry and your friends & family can help defray much of the cost.
6- When planning the wedding the invitation list just grows and grows. This causes the costs to spiral higher and higher. With a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon guests pay their own travel and accommodation expenses. The list of those that decide to attend is a lot shorter and more manageable.

I think back almost 10 years ago when I was looking at a venue for my daughter's wedding & reception alone. For something very simple for 50 people it was about $7000. In many of the resorts and other venues in Mexico you can have that and the honeymoon for much less? Plus most resorts and hotels will give you additional bonuses for the guests attending that are staying at their property. So when you are planning your Wedding; why not talk to a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist too? It could lead to Your Dream Wedding!

Remember to have us work with you on Your Destination Wedding & Honeymoon costs You only a Small Fee!

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